Elvis Presley's former Beverly Hills Estate for rent at $4000 a night

Elvis 11/08/2017

Elvis Presley fans can now stay at his former Beverly Hills Estate.

The King of Rock and Roll's four-bedroom home is available to rent for a whopping $4,000 a night, with a minimum stay of five nights.

For major Elvis fans the experience of staying in the same house as Elvis - who lived at the property between 1967 and 1973 is worth the crazy price.

The 4-bed, 6-bath crib, which sits on a cliff, features floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls in every room, plus a huge pool and spa. There's also a guest house out back, which has the original gates where Elvis used to greet fans in the '60s.

Elvis paid $400,000 for the home in the 1960's and it was sold in 2014 for $14 million and put on the market again in 2016 for double.

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