3RD DEGREE: Tania Billingsley, woman at the centre of Malaysian diplomat case, speaks out


The woman at the centre of the Malaysian diplomat case has told of how she feels the case has been mishandled and how she felt it important her voice be heard.

"I guess that I'm someone who has something to say about this assault," 22-year-old Ms Billingsley told 3rd Degree. "It happened to me and throughout this whole process, especially once it's become so public, my voice hasn't been heard. And I do, obviously, have a lot to say about this. I'm not just a bystander."

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail was arrested and charged with burglary and assault with intent to rape on 9th May. Rizalman later left the country, claiming diplomatic immunity.

Ms Billingsley says her case has been dismissed from the very top, amidst a culture that normalises and trivialises rape and sexual assault.

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source: data archive