AUDIO: The latest off beat offerings from Trade Me


- Park between Two DeLorean’s at drive-in cinema: Who knew drive-in cinemas were still a thing? Well, they’re not really, but Wellington’s Firefly Cinemas launched the first drive-in cinema we’ve had in ages over the summer out at Trentham Racecourse. This one’s for a spot between two replica models of the feature car in next week’s back-to-back drive-in movies, Back to the Future/Back to the Future II. - 1984 Labour party feltex rug: A collection of mugs of the mugs (on a rug) in the Labour party Apparently one of only 20 made, with the last one selling in 2012 for $1,000 (according to the seller). - Fishing reel/toilet roll holder combo: For the man that really has everything, this “big game” toilet roll holder combines a fishing reel with the traditional paper dispenser to create a throne experience like none other. You can even put the clicking noise on and off. - Tennis court turf: Probably the most random gift you could receive. 12-year-old sand-based turf from the Royal Oak Racquets Club in Auckland is to be rolled up and sold to the highest bidder. One for the “weird, but interesting” files. - Quad-copter GoPro mount: One for the ‘ultimate boy’s toy’ list is this

source: data archive