An admission that Auckland's housing situation is a crisis?


Minister for social housing Paula Bennett told Garner officials haven't seen an increase in people seeking emergency housing since the Prime Minister advised people to seek help.

Garner pressed Bennett on whether there would be initiatives for social housing for people "at the bottom end".

The Minister said there would be, but wouldn't say whether the initiative would be across housing or social housing. 

When asked whether there is a housing crisis in Auckland, Minister Bennett responded saying, "For those who haven't got one, and are living in cars, it certainly is.

Labour's Finance Spokesperson Grant Robertson told Garner a capital gains tax wouldn't be part of the Labour government's 2017 election policy.

"One of the things we learned [last election] was the difficulty of making a big policy like that from opposition."

He said Labour would reestablish the Tax Working Group, and they would have a broad mandate, to "get some balance back into the tax system, so that we encourage people to invest in things that are productive, that grow jobs, and away from speculating and the housing market."

source: data archive