Another brain fade from John Key? PM's claims vs. Cameron Slater texts


The Prime Minister was forced to correct Parliament’s record yesterday because he gave an incorrect answer to Labour’s Megan Woods.

Mr Key initially said he’d had no contact with Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater between 23rd and 25th of November, when he actually had.

The transcript of Mr Key’s text conversation with Mr Slater is below.

He also claimed not to have had contact with Mr Slater during questioning by our political editor Jessica Williams on Tuesday.

The question line went like this:

Jessica: Have you spoken to Cameron Slater since this report came out yesterday night?

Mr Key: Well I haven’t spoken to him on the phone for months and months and months on end. He sent me a text one time but I can’t remember when that was.

Jessica: Has he text you about this particular report?

My Key: No.

Listen to the audio here:

Transcript of Mr Key's text conversation:

CS: [journalist] gave it away to me...Goff leaked SIS report
Nov 24

PM: It's a joke isn't it. They will attack Jason for talking to u and they break the confidentiality agreement. Classic lab.
Nov 24

CS: Yup...I'm very angry over it...Goff is the one who leaked oravida stuff too.
Nov 24

CS: They still have standard bloggers on staff
Nov 24

CS: And Mccarten was involved in hack
Nov 24

PM: Hopefully it will all come out in time
Nov 24

CS: I wish they would hurry up...they played the real dirty politics...even tried to kill me...I have evidence of.
Nov 24

source: data archive