DUNCAN GARNER POLL: Should Jonah Lomu get a state funeral?


It's unlikely Jonah Lomu will get a state funeral after Prime Minister John Key said it's not the modern New Zealand "way to do things."

There have been calls for Lomu to be honoured with a state funeral because of his staggering achievements on the rugby field and his fundraising work.

Key says funeral arrangements are a matter for the family but a state funeral looks unlikely.

"Typically a state funeral is really for former Governor-Generals and Prime Ministers. It's not impossible but this has been the modern way we've dealt with these issues," Key said.

Key said there are other ways support can be offered to the family as in the case of Sir Peter Blake, who received an official memorial service.

Duncan Garner says Lomu should receive a state funeral:

"He is a giant of a man, a giant of the game and was rugby’s first global superstar.

But he was more than that. He transcends rugby and was an international brand. Yet for all that, he kept his humility, his grace and his dignity. So remarkable yet so ordinary. Gone too soon.

I say we offer the family a state funeral."

source: data archive