DUNCAN GARNER: Target terrorists, not Muslims


In the wake of Paris the world must respond.

But we must target the terrorists, not ordinary Muslims.

These terrorists are radicals. They are anti-human life and hate Western ideals.

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They are evil. They are not worthy of being talked about in the same phrase as ‘human beings.’

They are deluded and ill. They have been brain-washed by delusional cowards. And we must continue to fight them and stop them.

But they must not be confused with the millions of law-abiding Muslims and these people must not be targeted in an alarmist response.

Ordinary Muslims have condemned these attacks. And rightly so.

But what worries me is that millions of refugees may well be targeted.

One of the Paris terrorists may have been a recent refugee from Syria.

One. One in the tens of millions of people who fled this very extremist behaviour in their own countries.

That doesn’t make these refugees bad people. They must not be labelled.

The West must react and firmly and target the terrorists.

But the West and all of us must react appropriately too and keep in mind who the enemy really is.

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source: data archive