DUNCAN GARNER: Teina Pora retrial pointless


It is pointless re-trying Teina Pora for the rape and murder of Susan Burdett, and the NZ Police know it.

They will not want this to go back to court.

This young man was never there when Burdett was raped and murdered.

He was interrogated for days without a lawyer.

He confessed, thinking it would help him. He thought he was getting some reward. Sure he wasn’t an angel. But he wasn’t a murderer or rapist.

His family also threw him under the bus for a few thousand dollars. Shame on them.

There has been disquiet for years among top police officers about this conviction, but they all stayed silent. It’s a disgrace.

Shame on them. They’re a club who shut up shop. No one wanted to break the rules of the club.

Listen to Willie Jackson and Deborah Coddington's interview with Peter Williams QC, in which he says he can't disagree with those who say the justice system is corrupt:


They have so much to answer for. What if Pora was one of their sons?

There are a number of police officers and former cops who should be searching their consciences today, because Pora did 21 years inside.

He barely got a visitor in the first 10 years.

One who did see his plight was former Police Detective, Tim McKinnel. He was uncomfortable with Pora’s conviction.

He knew what was right and he should be knighted for his work on this.

Pora is carrying himself so incredibly well after all he has been through.

There should be no re-trial.

If anyone should be on trial it’s serial rapist Malcolm Rewa. He knows the answers. They lead to his door.

This is a shameful day for our justice system and the NZ Police.

There’s only one real question now – how much do you compensate a man who lost the best 21 years of his life?

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