DUNCAN GARNER: The unpopular truth about Red Peak


The flag known as ‘Red Peak’ may be peaking in social media but it flopped when it flew in front of the people.

When we put the 40 flag options in front of listeners on a RadioLIVE poll – Red Peak was listed at 37th. That is, it was fourth from the bottom. Very few Kiwis liked it.

And New Zealanders, in another poll, gave ‘Red Peak’ the flick too.

A UMR poll released last week listed Red Peak as follows;

1. Males listed it as their 3rd least preferred flag.
2. Females - 4th least preferred
3. 18-29 age group - 3rd least preferred.
4. 30-44 – 4th least preferred.
5. 45-59 – 2nd least preferred
6. 60+ -3rd least preferred
7. Maori - least preferred flag.
8. National/Labour voters - 4th least preferred
9. Greens voters - least preferred flag.

So, males and females didn’t like it, young people didn’t like it, middle aged people didn’t like it, older people didn’t like it, Maori and Green voters listed it as their bottom flag and National and Labour voters listed 36 other flags above it. Overwhelming isn’t it?

So I ask you this – where is this support for “Red Peak’ coming from? Or is it a campaign against the flag referendum, the process and the PM?

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source: data archive