Duncan Garner: How big will National go on Sunday?


The National Party needs a circuit breaker. Desperately.

Right now its campaign is a trainwreck. They have lost control of it: the hacker controls the game.

Voters are looking for something else to talk about. I’ve been in David Cunliffe’s electorate today. So many voters told me they think all politics is dirty and all politicians don’t tell the truth. A number of people told me they don’t care for the Dirty Politics book or care for dirt at all. They are sick of it.

Some of these people also said John Key has done a good job of getting us through the deepest recession in decades and he deserves to win the election. This is in New Lynn - David Cunliffe territory.

Key still needs a diversion. A big one. A big policy one. And I understand something is coming at this weekend’s campaign launch on Sunday. I’m told it has been worked on for months and it’s in the economic policy area.

I have suggested to senior National party people that they are vulnerable around housing, and housing help for first home buyers. This senior National party figure would neither confirm or deny.

Think about it: The Budget was certainly light on housing measures. And National ruled out tax cuts this week. So is the Prime Minister about to launch a big housing initiative that targets Kiwis who are struggling to enter the market? It would make sense wouldn’t it? I also wonder if they might tighten the rules over who can buy houses here. Kiwis are also really worried about that.

On Sunday, we will all know.

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source: data archive