Duncan Garner: Iain Rennie utterly fails the test


State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie has so much to answer for. He has handled this Roger Sutton sexual complaint issue dreadfully. There needs to be an inquiry into the inquirer. Rennie has dribbled his way through – dodging and weaving; it’s appalling. He is the master of evasion; he always has been.

Sutton clearly did so much more wrong than Rennie initially let on. It looked like Rennie protected him and he largely did. Allowing Sutton to front the media and to put his case, and frame his case, and limit his wrongdoing was utterly wrong. Especially when the victim and victims are effectively silenced.

Sutton should not be at work. If the offending was such that he needed to reflect on it and resign, then he should not be at work until the end of January. This is hopeless from Rennie; the truth, as it always does, will slowly leak out. And Rennie will be further embarrassed, as he should be.

This case has been handled poorly and it lacks transparency. Rennie should have done much, much better than this. He’s the ultimate boss of the public service and he's allowed the victims to be re-victimised.

Rennie talks about public service standards and ethics. He lectures others how to be the perfect employer. But on this case he’s been found seriously wanting.

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source: data archive