Huffington Post uses NZ parliament's 'Pokarekare Ana' waiata as humanity faith restorer


By Duncan Wilson  

New Zealand is being held up as an example to the world this morning as we last night became the first Asia-Pacific nation to legalise same-sex marriage. The passing of the bill was met by an impromptu waiata in parliament, as spectators bust out the Maori classic 'Pokarekare Ana'.

The USA's faith in humanity having taken a bit of a knock this week, some American media have set out to try bring the mood of the nation up. The Huffington Post has used last night's song as such fodder.

Clearly alluding to the effects of this week's bombing at the Boston Marathon, the popular website champions the clip, opening its article with:

The world can be a dark and scary place sometimes, but this video of spectators bursting into song after New Zealand legalized gay marriage has restored our faith in humanity (at least for today).

Huff Post then explains to American folk what 'Pokarekare Ana' is, before challenging viewers to watch it without tearing up. The comments on the article are more than appreciative and complimentary of New Zealand.

LeeBessToad wrote: "You just made the tears even worse. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful. And this was one of those times. Well done New Zealand. Well Done."

Angie Daniels confessed: "I had to stop when they started singing. Didn't want to look like a blubbering fool at work."

'Hashhero' applauded: "That was incredibly moving. New Zealand has class. Just top notch...very touching."

View the waiata 'Pokarekare Ana' in New Zealand's parliament here

source: data archive