If you just listen to the music of your own home country you'll actually learn something about the place that you live in


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here is tonight's playlist

Four City Rock by Peter Lewis and the Trisonic (1960)
from the album Get A Haircut (Zerox, 2004)

I Love How You Love Me by the Fair Sect Plus One (1967)
from the album Here Come the Girls (EMI, 2008)

True Love by the Scavengers (1978)
from the album The Scavengers (Zerox, 2003)

Heavenly Pop Hit by the Chills (1989)
from the album Heavenly Pop Hits;The Best of the Chills (Flying Nun, 1994)

Moko by Moana and the Moa Hunters (1998)
from the album Rua (BMG, 1998)

Southside by David Dallas ft Sid Diamond and Mareko
from the album Falling Into Place (Dawn Raid, 2013)

Ghost Town by Miriam Clancy (2008)
from the album Magnetic (Desert Road, 2009)

source: data archive