John Key defiant Ian Fletcher's GCSB hiring appropriate


Prime Minister John Key joins Willie & JT for a chat. The hiring of Ian Fletcher as the head of the country's GCSB has dominated headline news this week, so no surprised where questioning began this afternoon. Mr. Key defended his handling of the hiring, saying the four applicants so far were not good enough for the job. In future, the Prime Minister says he will be a lot more careful with answers he gives over past actions. "Fair enough, what I should have done, and what I will be doing in future, is I will be saying 'well, the member needs to put that down to me in writing', and I'll be doing that to the journalists as well," he said of his mis-communication, "because if you want perfection of everything I've done, two, three, four, five years ago. I will get all that information for you, I'll get you the whole lot and give it to you." The Prime Minister apologised for not researching his answer to Grant Robertson's question properly before answering.

source: data archive