Little calls for fifth minister to be sacked - Duncan Garner


Andrew Little has called for Nick Smith to be sacked as Housing Minister.

Shock. Horror. You're bloody joking me?

If Andrew Little had his way there may be no Cabinet Ministers left.

Maybe that's the grand plan?

In the last year or so Little has called for the sackings of:

Murray McCully for the Saudi sheep deal.

Todd McClay for his position on China trade sanctions.

Simon Bridges for his Northland one-way bridges policy.

And Gerry Brownlee for his management of the Christchurch rebuild.

So; does Little have a point?

Has Nick Smith been so bad on housing that he deserves to be sacked by the Prime Minister?

Or does Andrew Little need to get a bit more original and find some better lines and more creative material.

I'll leave that to you.

source: data archive