PHOTOS: Best of State of Origin 3 streaker Wati Holmwood internet memes


By Duncan Wilson  

Nelson man Wati Holmwood was yesterday revealed to be the State of Origin 3 streaker - a repeat offender who has nuded-up before. He was also the infamous "LETS GONE WARRIORS" guy from a few weeks back.

Speaking to Duncan Garner yesterday, Wati admitted he wasn't sorry for his naked actions and he didn't regret de-robing for the crowd. He faces a fine of $5,500 and a lifetime ban from the ANZ Stadium. he is seeking donations via his Facebook page for help with the fine.

Images of the league loony quickly circulated online, and there are now two prominent Facebook pages set up in honour of the clothes-less crazy.

At time of writing, 'The Streaker, who made origin good' has over 65,000 likes, while 'The origin streaker' has over 40,000. These pages have now become sharing platforms for Photoshopped memes of Wati in the nude.

Here are some of the best out there:

source: data archive