SEAN PLUNKET POLL: Should New Zealand take more refugees?


The United Nations estimates 14 million people worldwide are displaced and on the move away from their country.

The European Union is meeting today to discuss what to do with the million people who are flooding into Europe looking for escape from persecution, civil war, famine and disease.

New Zealand takes 750 refugees a year.

Sean Plunket says we are in the midst of a refugee crisis the likes of which we have not seen since World War II and New Zealand needs to do more.

"Look at Europe, people are dying in their hundreds, in their thousands as people swarm across the Mediterranean north to Italy. People dying in by the truckload literally in Austria," Plunket says.

"We sit in an underpopulated country and we take 750 people a year."

Listen to Sean's interview with Professor Al Gillespie

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source: data archive