Should we legalise cannabis? Greens and Labour say let's think about it


Another US state has legalised cannabis so Duncan Garner asked his listeners if it's time we did the same in New Zealand and got a resounding "yes".

More than 1000 people voted in his poll, with, at the time of writing, 86% of people saying New Zealand should follow the likes of Colorado, Uruguay, the Netherlands and North Korea and legalise cannabis.

So what do politicians say on the topic?

Green Party drugs policy spokesperson Kevin Hague said evidence shows legalisation leads to reduced harm from cannabis.

"We need to go to legalisation with regulation, which is pretty much the approach we take with alcohol, which is New Zealand's most popular drug," Hague said.

Listen to Duncan Garner's interview with Kevin Hague: 

Labour Party leader Andrew Little said New Zealand should see what the experience is in US states where cannabis has been legalised but "proceed with caution".

Listen to Duncan Garner's interview with Andrew Little:


source: data archive