VAUGHN DAVIS: TLDL 23rd Jan '17 - Tennis and horses and bikes, oh my!


TLDL (Too Long, Didn't Listen) 23rd January 2017

Tennis and horses and bikes, oh my!

We talk a lot about apps and websites on Sunday Social, so it was a refreshing change last night to cover the Ubco offroad electric bike. Unlike most New Zealand tech startups, the Ubco is a real physical product, and it’s designed and built right here in New Zealand. I was lucky enough to ride the $7999 bike over the weekend (actually they haven’t come to get it yet, so look out for me on the mean footpaths of Ponsonby…). Here’s what I made of it:

• Great looks: its tube steel design looks super solid and feels to me like something you’d parachute behind enemy lines on D Day.
• Surprisingly powerful: all 90kg of me was zipping happily up some very steep hills thanks to its unique 2WD system.
• Impressive range: one charge will take you 100km at up to 50kmh and cost about 70 cents!
• Pretty pricey: at $7999 you could buy an OK used car… but the Ubco would cost less in the long run.
• Offroad only: they’re working on this, but the current Ubco can’t be ridden on public roads.

Lots to love: ASB takes tennis high tech

This month’s ASB Classic was once again a highlight of the summer sporting and social calendar (even if I was somehow left off the invitation list this year…) and for my panelist Julian Waters it was two weeks of tennis geek heaven. His highlights;

• Fan Cam: app-controlled camera took your pic in the stand for you to share on social media
• Rally for Cash: every rally over 10 hits meant $10 per hit to charity from ASB and made for great crowd engagement
• Green screen image creator: ASB’s Hollywood-style green screen photo setup let punters have their photos taken “centre court” complete with tennis gear and accessories.

And of course here’s that weird horse app

We all know the feeling… you’re looking for love, all the guys you work with are boring… so you go to the countryside and fall head over hooves with a beautiful horse with the head and face of a man.

That’s the idea behind last night’s featured app, My Horse Prince. And you know what? I’m going to stop typing so you can download it and spend the week playing it. See you next Sunday!

source: data archive