VIDEO: John Key says he was briefed by Warren Tucker over SIS's 2011 OIA Phil Goff release to 'Whale Oil' Cameron Slater


Video footage here, however, appears to show the Prime Minister confirming he was briefed personally over the release of information - which covered a briefing given to former Labour leader Phil Goff about suspected Israeli spies caught up in the Christchurch earthquake.

"What happened is Warren Tucker didn't come to me, he went to his legal adviser and his legal advisers told him this is the process they have to follow, and when he was going through that process it was at that point he told me he'd release it because he has to tell me that under the no-surprises doctrine," Mr Key told media that day.

RadioLIVE has adjusted the sound levels on this clip to improve audibility. You can watch the entire press conference here.

source: data archive