WATCH: Moment Sri Lankan T20 fans ejected for playing drums caught on camera


Fans say they were allowed into the stadium with the drums, but once they were inside the stand they were kicked out by security, and had their musical instruments taken off them.

Sri Lankan fan Madu Kari claims he and his friends weren't intoxicated, and that he only had two beers.

"I paid $45. [I] came here to enjoy the game and this is the only match they're playing in Auckland, everybody came here to enjoy the game and we've been kicked out, evicted,” he said.

Sam Palmer says he was sitting near the group who got ejected.

"There were two guys about five rows in front of us who didn't like it but everyone else in the crowd thought it was great having the drums going and as soon as the security came down the whole crowd was like 'what's this about?'"

"They were just playing the drums and getting the crowd up and excited," he said.

Both police and the Eden Park Trust have been approached for comment following the incident.

(Footage: Jack Baker/Facebook) 

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