Willie Jackson: Dirty Politics


What a fascinating last couple of weeks it’s been in politics. There seems no doubt that the entry of Kim Dotcom into national politics has created a frenzy never seen before.

Dotcom and Internet Mana are drawing big audiences around the country. Whether those votes turn into votes on Election Day, though, is still to be seen. But certainly politics hasn’t been this interesting for a long time.

Internet Party Leader Laila Harre has been on fire. At times she looks like the leader Labour should have. Strong and principled, she has made an extraordinarily successful return to national politics. Her criticism towards John Key, though, when he called Kim Dotcom her ‘Sugar Daddy’ was precious and over the top. Harre said that Key was being sexist and offensive and asked for an apology. However, the Prime Minister rightfully rejected the criticism and refused. Harre should know that politics is a tough game especially at election time. Ironically Mana southern candidate Georgina Beyer wasn’t phased at all when I asked her if she was offended by Key. Georgina said “personally, Willie, I don’t have a problem with what the Prime Minister said. I’ve had a lot of sugar daddies in my life”.

So, for Laila to have been so precious is just silly particularly after the performance of students in Christchurch who decided to use profanity when referring to the Prime Minister after being urged and encouraged to do so by Dotcom. Internet Mana quickly utilised the video that was made that evening of the students ranting and swearing about Key and his National Government, and saw it as great promotion for their party. So any talk about morals and clean campaigning probably should be put on hold. Particularly after the release of Nicky Hager’s book 'Dirty Politics', which has just come out.

Hager has exposed all the dirty 'carry-on' that goes on behind the scenes in politics, after one of his associates hacked in to the emails of right-wing blogger Cameron Slater and National Party people. He says that the nation should be shocked at some of the revelations that he has released. I, for one, am not. Yes, some National Party people are planning to bring down anyone who is in their way. But I’m trying to work out what the problem is here. Hager says that Key is implicated, but the reality is he can’t prove that, even though I suspect he is right.

The other reality is that the opposition, and numerous people in Labour, have been doing exactly the same as Slater and his cohorts for as long I can remember. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Dotcom wasn’t behind some of the latest revelations. That’s the game they’re in: politics is the dirtiest game of all.

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source: data archive