Winston Peters: A burglary that went horribly wrong for the president


Watergate: it was just a little matter at first, but it became a giant and toppled a US president.

It started as a burglary. A few days later, a reporter discovered that one of the burglars had links to a political party. Slowly two reporters joined the dots.

The president’s office panicked and attempted a cover up. The president’s Oval Office pointed the finger everywhere. But the snowball was rolling and there was no stopping it. It gathered some pretty big heads along the way, including the president and his men. They were found out because truth and honesty matter, particularly from the top office in the country. In a democracy, that’s the office that sets the standards. The American people knew that and so the cunning risk-takers were held to account.

President Richard Nixon, known as “Tricky Dick”, got through an election, but in the end had to resign. Democracy won. “All The President’s Men” was a great movie too.

Sound familiar? There are parallels in New Zealand, as revealed in the book “Dirty Politics”.

There was a planned break in, in the case of Watergate, and a planned break in in the case of the Labour Party HQ computers. Labour Party details were taken and the Prime Minister’s Office took part.

It doesn’t matter whether the Watergate premises or the Labour Party computers were locked down or not. The cover-up has started; the fingers are pointing at everyone except the Government. But the National Government will not be able to untangle itself from the many revelations in this book based on emails. They occurred at the highest level of the New Zealand government.

The Americans held their leaders and others involved to account and New Zealanders will do the same.

The National Party’s DNA, their fingerprints, their underhandedness and style of personal character assassination of their opponents, and sometimes their own, is all over this story.

source: data archive