Shaun Edlin - Dotterel

Sunday Social 29/10/2017

Vaughn talks to Shaun Edlin from Dotteral (a drone noise reduction company) about their Drones that are quieter -  with major benefits being noise reduction around people and animals.

Shaun explains it's more than the reduction of noise and they are not just "anti noise" at Dotteral - they are aiming to improve the future of drones.

Aiming to be active in the market next year at major retailers- you can also check them out here at their website.

"We're all drone nerds!" - Shaun exclaims, laughing.

Is it the way of the future?

Dotterel was awarded the NewsShooter “Most Innovative Product” Award in Las Vegas for acoustic shrouds at the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2016.