'Clogged with fat and rat-infested' - Nightmare sewer stories

Rats and fat fill this sewer in Dannevirke. Photo: Supplied

It's tough, dirty and often thankless work - but someone has to do it. 

Peter Rogers, Watercare Manager Asset Protection, looks after the sewers of Auckland and joins the studio to talk about the hot fats, oil and grease that ends up in the sewer system and the terrible “fat bergs and sludge”  that result- and how Watercare deals with the problem.

Just this week a sewer in Dannevirke became clogged with fat and infested with rats, causing a sinkhole to form in the street.

Mr Rogers calls dealing with issues like this a "constant battle" and say they mainly stem from a lack of education about what can be disposed of via the sewer system.

Wet wipes are particularly troublesome as they bind with fats and grease to form 'fatbergs' such as the one seen above.  

Listen to the entire interview with Peter Rogers above,

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