Cookbook authors Julia & Libby on going from booze to clean eating


If you've been looking for a tasty, nourishing recipe book, you have hit the jackpot with Nourished.

Julia and Libby Mathews, authors of Nourished, join Home & Gardening to discuss how they got into clean eating and their new book. 

The sisters were big party girls when they were younger, Julia explains. Libby left for Melbourne, but changed her party habits once she returned to NZ.

Libby then started to study nutrition, where the sisters soon became enthralled with clean eating and fuelling their bodies with nourishing food.

We definitely don’t eat clean all the time,” admits Julia.

It’s about being mindful about what you are eating.

Julia & Libby took everything they’ve learnt about health, love for food, and home cooking skills to create their second cookbook Nourished includes 80 delicious recipes.

Listen to the full interview with Julia & Libby above.

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