Political panel, 30th November


Every Thursday night after the 10pm news, Mitch Harris is joined by political commentators Rodney Hide and Chris Trotter to talk about the latest in politics, both in New Zealand and internationally.

On the agenda tonight:
- The Golriz Ghahraman issue around defending genocidal criminals on trial makes for a very tough week for the Greens.
- Was Golriz not upfront around details in her past? Was her bio write-up on the Greens website misleading? Why did she not ask for it to be changed before it became an issue?
- Rodney says Golriz is "politically finished" - and calls the Greens "clowns".
- Can James Shaw still trust Golriz after he apologised to the public today?
- US President Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren and the 'Pocahontas' comment. Is Trump losing his marbles, or are his controversies done on purpose? Does he send the media into a frenzy to deflect their attention?
- After multiple controversies, how long will it take until Donald Trump is impeached?
- What exactly is free speech? Are there limits to free speech? (regarding fake news and social media)
- Does Facebook have an obligation to fact-check to stop the spread of 'fake news'?
- Mitch finishes the panel by asking Rodney and Chris "give me one word to describe the coalition government".

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