ASB Bright Sparks Winner - Brian Kitchen

Sunday Social 03/12/2017

Vaughn talks with Brian Kitchen, the winner of the Supreme ASB Bright Sparks award at only 13. His very first invention Xtionberry Pi is a 3D scanner for mapping caves.

As well as winning the trophy for the Bright Sparks award, he won $1,400 from ASB to spend on his upcoming endeavors.

Brian is into flying drones and hopes his next invention can include some, describing his "Xtionberry Pi" as having a box for its batteries, a keyboard, some 'electronic bits' and a tiny computer.

What is his invention scanning the caves for?... what are Lava caves?

Brian explains how he wants to get into science and technology after High School, and tells us exactly what is a Rasberry Pi...

Listen to the full interview with Brian above.

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