Doctor calls out eating saturated fats in moderation

Saturday Fresh 16/12/2017
Photo: Getty.

Dr Mark Hotu joins Carly Flynn on Saturday Fresh to discuss all things health, specifically the flu jab and preventing heart disease.

He explains that heart disease is the number one killer in New Zealand and in the world.

“It’s the biggest public health issue…" he says.

Dr Hotu explains that the causes of heart disease include smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, and most importantly - saturated fat.

“When I say saturated fat – I mean animal fat,” he says. “So butter, pork crackling, skin from chicken…”

With Christmas baking requiring a hefty load of butter, it’s important to note that 100 grams of butter typically contains a startling 51 grams of saturated fat.

“If you eat saturated fat in moderation, then you will get moderate heart disease,” Dr Hotu says.

“The take home message for this topic is we need to avoid all saturated fats as much as possible.”

Listen to the full interview with Dr Mark Hotu above. 

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