Report reveals lack of co-ordinated plan for climate change

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Listen to the full interview with David Frame above.

A Government-commissioned report notes that New Zealand doesn't have a co-ordinated plan for tackling future climate change.

The Climate Change Adaptation Technical Working Group's stocktake report cited that instead of preparing for events, New Zealand typically reacts to them.

The report is a small step towards matching other countries that have already formed a plan.

David Frame, director of New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington, joins Ali Mau on Drive to discuss why New Zealand lags behind in its preparation.

“It’s long had a bit of neglect really,” he says.

“I think people need to be well aware at the fact that they are living in a period of quite fast climate change.”

More frequent extreme weather, rising sea levels, flooding and droughts are all potential consequences of climate change that could hit New Zealand by 2100.

Part of the problem, Mr Frame explains, is the country’s small pool of scientists and researchers.

“We don’t have that many researchers and scientists who are capable of going out and chatting about these issues.”

The report outlines risks for homes built near the coast.

Listen to the full interview with James Shaw above. 

Minister for Climate Change James Shaw later joins Ali Mau to respond to the report.

We’ve got to get this information to local authorities.

He explains that the Ministry for the Environment has a series of training workshops planned over the coming months with local authorities.

“The whole point of this is to get ahead of the big risks coming up over the next couple of decades.”

“This [report] provides a really good basis for that.”

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