Lorde could’ve promoted peace in Israel – Zionist Federation NZ


Lorde has cancelled plans to perform in Israel amid a backlash from Palestinian rights campaigners.

President of the Zionist Federation of New Zealand Rob Berg joins Summer Breakfast to discuss his take on Lorde’s concert cancelation in Israel.

“I think her reaction and her decision to cancel came about very very quickly,” says Mr Berg. “I think she had time to do a little bit more consultation.”

I question whether she has really had input from people who are positive towards Israel.

“You can absolutely be pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian,” he says. “Any many people now are.”

Mr Berg explains that Lorde could have used the opportunity in Israel to build bridges in the region with her influence, “rather than deciding to cancel the concert and isolate Israel or try to isolate Israel even more”.

“I think had she gone to Tel Aviv she could have done other things that would’ve promoted peace.”

Israeli concert organisers announced the cancellation on Sunday afternoon (local time)The Jerusalem Post reported. 

Lorde released a statement to The Jerusalem Post reporter Amy Spiro
explaining her reasons for cancelling.

On Friday, Lorde responded to an open letter to her published on The Spinoff, saying the request for her to not perform in Tel Aviv has been "noted".

"Been speaking with many people about this and considering all options," she said. "Thank you for educating me, I am learning all the time too."

Listen to the full interview with Rob Berg above.

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Parts of this story were originally published in Newshub, with additions made by RadioLIVE.