Easy home fixes for a new touch before Christmas

Saturday Fresh 16/12/2017
Photo: Getty.

Friends and relatives are a mere week away from our doorsteps, making now a great time to change up the home before Christmas.

Builders Crack co-founder Jeremy Wyn-Harris joins Carly Flynn on Saturday Fresh to provide tips for improving the home before Christmas.

Staining the deck is one great way to spruce up the home, explains Mr Wyn-Harris.

“It’s pretty standard - but you can’t go wrong.”

He suggests looking at areas in the home that people visiting will see immediately. The fence and front door are two easy options for a quick paint job.

For the entrance, Mr Wyn-Harris recommends adding a wicker basket for shoe storage or a plant for a little green touch.  

“I think that’s something simple to just make that whole front entrance really appealing,” he says. 

Listen to the full interview with Jeremy Wyn-Harris above. 

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