Should vaping be treated as smoking in public places?


Smoke-free advocates are pushing for Central Otago’s draft smoke-free policy to include a ban on vaping in public smoke-free areas.

They argue that vaping promotes the image of smoking despite it being considered less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Mark Sainsbury is joined by researcher Dr Nick Wilson, professor of Public Health at the University of Otago, to discuss whether or not to include vaping in smoking bans in public places.

It's pretty clear to me that we shouldn't allow vaping in smoke-free areas

Asked about the best way to get people off cigarettes, Dr Nick Wilson says it's a mix of pricing and encouraging people to give up.

"One of the reasons why vaping has increased in New Zealand is because it's so much cheaper than smoking."

But he says smokers also need good quitting services and access to various medicines, like nicotine patches and gum, to allow smokers to find an option that best suits them to give up.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Nick Wilson above.

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