Strange Shortwave noises

Weekend Variety Wireless 10/12/2017
Credit: Youtube

This week Graeme talks with Robin Mcneil on shortwave radio and the sounds involved... what the hell are they, who makes them and what are they for? Awarua Dishmaster (yes, it’s a thing).

Graeme finds shortwave radio frequencies swirling and majestic...and he has since he was a kid.

Robin has been in this career for 40 years and explains to Graeme what the hell a 'smieee' is.

Shortwave radio frequencies can be found on the AM band 540-1600khz... if you keep turning the dial all the way to 3,000-30,0000Mh you can find these sounds.

The radio frequenices can bounce around the world, so if you're a yachtie - it's quite useful.

Graeme and Robin discuss whether all commercial radios have shortwave...

Also, find some shortwave oddities here.

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