Online doctors are here so you can stay in bed

Long Lunch 29/01/2018

For many having to get out of bed to see a doctor when you're feeling under the weather can be annoying. 

It's no surprise that online doctors are becoming more easier to come by taking the hassle out of leaving the house.

SwiftMed is one option, giving out advice and prescriptions online. 

Founder Dr Samantha Bailey joined Wendyl Nissen to discuss the need for online doctors.

"It's really for people who are working, who are busy and find it really difficult to get in to see their doctor for routine medication."

"Really just trying to save people time. Let's face it - we're all under time pressure."

"Busy mums, people who live rurally and are working - even people that are new to New Zealand - it can be really hard to see a doctor because it's expensive for them," she told RadioLIVE.

This is another way of seeing a doctor easily.

But she stresses people with more serious illnesses or requests like blood pressure readings should visit their local doctor.

"We can't do online examinations as much as I would like to."

So how much does it cost?

"To see me it's $39.95 for the consult and it's the same cost as the prescription," Dr Bailey said.

"Either you can pick it up at your local pharmacy or we can deliver the medication to your house."

See more about SwiftMed here.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Samantha Bailey above.

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