Body artist who applied boob glitter responds to Rhythm & Vines groping scandal


New Zealand's most popular New Year's Eve festival is back in the spotlight this year after more scandalous behaviour at the three-day event.

20-year-old American tourist Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller was groped at the festival by a male attendee after the use of glitter make-up to cover her breasts drew his attention.

Footage of the man creeping up behind her and touching her breast before running away was uploaded to Facebook on Monday.

The video shows Ms Anello-Kitzmiller storming over to him and hitting him on the head, while her friend throws a drink in his face.

Richard Green speaks to Jolene Guillam-Scott, the makeup artist who applied the glitter, to get her opinion on the events.

Listen to the full interview with Jolene Guillam-Scott above.

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