Cocaine use on the rise in NZ: What can be done?

Drive 30/01/2018

New Zealand Police and Customs made a large number of drug seizures throughout 2017 with some interesting figures.

Cocaine seizures were noticeably higher in 2017 than 2016 while Methamphetamine seizures dropped.


2016: 36,314 g over 132 seizures
2017: 108,150 g over 165 seizures


2016: 941,269 g over 2059 seizures
2017: 403,523 g over 1879 seizures

Does this mean there is an increase in cocaine use in NZ?

To find out Ali Mau spoke to Detective Superintendent Greg Williams, National Manager, Organised Crime Group.

In a statement, Detective Superintendent Williams said that holding drug dealers and organised crime groups to account is a priority for Police.  

“Last year the National Organised Crime Group, in partnership with Customs, dismantled at least ten significant transnational crime groups operating in New Zealand and preying on our communities.

Listen to the full interview with Detective Superintendent Greg Williams above.

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