Map your ideal diet for optimal health with gene testing

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With more people than ever being diagnosed with gluten or lactose intolerance, it’s a humble reminder that humans react to diet and exercise in different ways.

Enter the 21-gene test. Dr Sharad Paul’s genetics test helps determine subtle differences on how one’s body responds to various substances, with everything from alcohol to coffee.

Dr Paul joins Tony Murell to discuss the importance of taking a responsibility for one’s health and how his genetics test works. 

“The key is knowing your gene type to metabolise that particular substance,” he says.

Dr Paul’s 21-gene test provides a personalised report with recommendations for diet so people can take control of their own health.

Each of us metabolises things differently.

Dr Paul’s points out that some people metabolise coffee faster than others. Metabolism differences all boil down to subtle gene variations in individuals.  

“For some people, if you overdo [coffee] it can actually increase your risk for heart disease,”

Listen to the full interview with Dr Sharad Paul above.

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