Energy drinks ‘are no good for anybody’ – nutrition professor

Morning Talk 17/01/2018
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A top Kiwi heart specialist is calling for energy drinks to be banned for those under 16 years of age, according to Newshub.

Dr Harvey White refers to new research that shows the negative effects the caffeinated sugary drinks can have, with young people reporting fast heart rates, insomnia, headaches and in some cases even seizures.

Jim Mann, professor of nutrition at the University of Otago, joins Mark Sainsbury for Morning Talk to discuss Dr White’s call ban energy drinks for younger children.

“They’re loaded with sugar. They are loaded with caffeine,” he says. “For obvious reasons, they are no good for anybody.”

“I think some of the energy drinks have more caffeine and more sugar than some of the old fashioned fizzies.”

With all of the evidence stacking up, Mr Mann says he’s sure that the Government will be looking into the health consequences of energy drinks.

Mr Mann also calls on professionals and the media to push the message that “these so-called ‘energy drinks’ are as bad, if not worse, than sugary beverages.”

Chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver is also calling for the ban the sale of the beverages to those under 16 in the UK.

The celebrity chef has repeatedly asked UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt via social media to put age restrictions on energy drinks.

Listen to the full interview with Jim Mann above.

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Parts of this story were originally printed in Newshub, with additions made by RadioLIVE staff.