CPTPP is ‘same old deal’, with just added tinsel – TPP critic

Morning Talk 25/01/2018
TPP protests in Wellington in 2016. Photo: Simon Wong.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact (TPP) has come back into the limelight after the US withdrew its support in January 2017, with a revised agreement now dubbed the CPTPP.

The 11 countries in the pact, including New Zealand, are expected to sign a tweaked agreement on March 8 in Chile.

Law professor and TPP critic Jane Kelsey joins Morning Talk to respond to the finalised agreement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.

Ms Kelsey tells RadioLIVE that the Government’s lack of transparency is a big issue for many New Zealanders.

To be fair to [Labour], they did inherit a poison chalice.

“I can assure you that there are an awful lot of people out champing at the bit to get out there and tell the Government what they think,” she says.

The professor calls on the Government to release the agreement to the public before actually signing.

“Now they’ve actually concluded the deal and their not prepared to be held accountable prior to signing.

“It’s the same old deal,” she says. “It’s just got a bit of tinsel on it.”

Listen to the full interview with Jane Kelsey above.

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