Joelle King on the Squash and Saudi Women’s Masters


Dave Worsley and Brad Lewis talk with Joelle King, the NZ squash player who is ranked number nine in the world and won Gold in 2010 at the Commonwealth Games.

She's traveling to Saudi Arabia to play in the Women’s Masters, the first professional women’s squash tournament to take place in Saudi Arabia in over 18 months.

From the 7th - 10th January in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia -  the World Series tournament is worth a whopping US$165,000. Joelle says;

It's been postponed twice due to not enough female referees.

Joelle usually wears a singlet top and skirt when she plays, and will be allowed to wear a skirt in the tournament however will have to change for interviews.

Whether any males will be allowed in the crowd is another question.

Ziad Al Turki, PSA Chairman, Saudi businessman and Saudi Squash Federation President says,

We believe that the Saudi PSA Women’s Squash Masters will have a crucial role in promoting squash to a new generation of Saudi women.

Listen to the full interview with Joelle King above.

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