Skeptical Thoughts with Mark Honeychurch

Weekend Variety Wireless 28/01/2018

Graeme Hill talks with Mark Honeychurch as Weekend Variety Wireless returns for 2018, with Skeptical Thoughts exposing all hoaxes and scams.

Is there a way to fend off other possums by using a dead possum...?

What is peppering? Mark explains all...

What has the World Wild Life fund done?

And a problem with rabbits...

Treating bears with Acupuncture?! An upsetting story from the USA...

Scientology in disguise... Citizens Commision for Human Rights?

Can you trust it?

Local Scientologists went to a Mall in Auckland.... and set up a desk, however, some of the images they used were quite graphic. Why are they doing this?

A lot of questions this week. But Mark answers them all.

Listen to the full audio with Mark Honeychurch above.

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