Your Sunday: In case you missed it

Your Sunday 28/01/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at RadioLIVE's Your Sunday with Ryan Bridge.

28th January 2018

Jacinda Ardern's 5 day visit to Waitangi

Jacinda Ardern. Credit: Newshub.

Annabelle Lee, producer of Three's The Hui programme discusses with Ryan Bridge the significance of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern going to Waitangi for 5 days.

Political Panel

Parliament. Credit: Victoria Evans.

Mike Williams & Matthew Hooton join Ryan Bridge to discuss the issues of the week. 

RocketLab - who's buying them?

Electron rocket. Credit: RocketLab.

Dr Maria Pozza, space law specialist and member of the International Institute of Space Law discusses with Ryan Bridge who is buying satellites from our RocketLab, why the New Zealand government has rushed to have safeguards in place for space activities, a look into the future of NZ Space launches and commercial activity plus concerns about space junk and more.

Corner sections - are they the secret to happy living or just a nightmare?

Property. Credit: Getty.

Olly Newland, a property expert discusses all the pros and cons of corner sections.

The Government follows up on plans to shut the door on foreign buyers

House. Credit: Newshub.

The policy will deliver a strong ‘go away’ message to non-residents and non-citizens wanting to buy any of our 1.8 million private dwellings. 

We ask Graham Wall who sold the country’s most expensive residential property worth $39 million if this is just the politics of envy?

Does the order in which you were born influence your personality and determine your chances of success in life?

Pregnant woman. Credit: Getty.

Linda Blair, author of Birth Order, talks to Ryan Bridge about what your position in the family really tells you about your character.

Jason Derulo. Credit: Getty.

Music reviewer Paula Yeoman joins Ryan Bridge to discuss things she wants banished from music this year. 

'I will win this' - Penny Bright and her fight with Auckland Council

She's loathed by many councils and government officials.

Loud, relentless, persistent, annoying, opinionated and independent - all words you could use to describe anti-corruption campaigner and veteran activist Penny Bright.

She's the Auckland woman in a decade-long fight with Auckland Council. They're looking to sell her home to recover $34,000 in unpaid rates and penalties.

Penny Bright spoke candidly to RadioLIVE's Ryan Bridge about her life and why she's so annoying.

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