Outsiders features peculiar tales from New Zealand history with storyteller Gerard Hindmarsh.

Outsiders: Richard Henry

The tale of Richard Henry of Resolution Island, the world's first conservationist.


Outsiders: James McKenzie

Gerard explores the man, the legend and the heart-breaking story behind the sheep-rustler who gave his name to McKenzie Country.


Outsiders: Te Rauparaha

Gerard Hindmarsh joins RadioLIVE's Graeme Hill to discuss New Zealand’s Napoleon.


Outsiders: Whale tales

Gerard Hindmarsh joins RadioLIVE's Graeme Hill to discuss whale tales.


Outsiders: Moore’s march

Gerard Hindmarsh sits down with RadioLIVE's Graeme Hill to discuss Moore’s March.


Outsiders: Thomas Brunner

Gerard Hindmarsh discusses the amazing story of Thomas Brunner.


Outsiders: The Kiwi Cold War Sappers

Gerard Hindmarsh discusses a group of Kiwi military engineers who were tasked with clearing bugs from our Moscow Embassy.


Outsiders: The sabotage of the Asopos Viaduct

An outstanding military operation undertaken by a couple of Kiwis.


Outsiders: William Edward Sanders

This week Gerard Hindmarsh joins Graeme Hill to discuss one of our less celebrated Victoria Crosses.


Outsiders: Jean Batten

Gerard Hindmarsh discusses the amazing feats and strange post-script of our most celebrated aviator.


Outsiders: The Bourke Murder

In 1908 two Norwegian sailors caught hell in Westport when falsely accused of murder.


Outsiders: The 1951 Waterfront Strike

New Zealand was taken to the brink during this drawn out bitterly fought social and political crisis. Dirty Politics has nothing on this.


Outsiders: Bully Hayes

Bully Hayes - New Zealand and the South Pacific’s very own swashbuckling pirate.


Outsiders: A Russian expedition

A Russian expedition to New Zealand in 1820.


Outsiders: The Worthington Scandal

Arthur Bentley Worthington, handsome, articulate, charming and a bullshit artist of the highest order.


Outsiders: Riots

This week concentrates on the Great Riots of New Zealand.


Outsiders: The Raetihi Firestorm

One hundred years ago a devastating fire ripped through the central North Island.


Outsiders: Te Kooti

Mystic, prophet, freedom fighter or terrorist? The extraordinary life of Te Kooti.


Outsiders: Tupaia

Graeme is joined by Gerard Hindmarsh to discuss Tupaia, the fellow Tahitian traveller on James Cook’s Endeavour.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh: The Barrington Expedition

The Barrington Expedition of 1863/4. A harrowing tale of incredible hardship and some mystery, all driven by Gold Fever.


Outsiders: Cecil Larsen

The 1953 Murder of Cecil Larsen, New Zealand’s Commissioner to Niue and the brutal circumstances behind it that were hushed up here in New Zealand.


Outsiders: Carol King-Turner

The life of the single-minded and brilliantly bolshie Carol King-Turner, the very first district nurse appointed to western Marlborough in 1947.


Outsiders: Naomi James

Naomi James, the daring and adventurous Kiwi seafarer who became the first woman to singlehandedly sail around the world, the hard way.


Outsiders: Bill and Peggy Hamilton

This week on Outsiders, Graeme looks at Bill and Peggy Hamilton.


Outsiders: The Perishable Rescue

Graeme is joined by Gerard Hindmarsh every week, for a new Outsiders.


Outsiders: The Harriet affair

Gerard Hindmarsh sits down with Graeme Hill to talk about one of the most harrowing and brutal events in NZ history.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh

Graeme Hill talks with Gerard Hindmarsh, who is back with Outsiders - this week all about Abel Tasman.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Richard Pearce

Graeme Hill talks with Gerard Hindmarsh as Weekend Variety Wireless returns for 2018, with Outsiders - this week on Richard Pearce.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh

This week Felix Von Luckner’s incredible life, his resourcefulness and outrageous escape from NZ as a prisoner of war in WW1.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh

Captain John Howell, The Father of Riverton, one of our earliest settlements. Go here for the Outsider archive.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh- The Banaban People

Gerard is in the bush this week so carrying on from last week’s story of human trafficking in the Pacific we replay his sad story of the Banaban peopl


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - The Blackbirders of the Pacific

Human cargo, slavery and forced labour in the Pacific and its legacy left today.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Tyree Photographers

This week the astounding work and historical images collection left by the industrious and enterprising Tyree Photographers of Nelson.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - The Battle for Bellevue Spur

New Zealand’s darkest day. The Battle for Bellevue Spur during the 1917 Passchendaele offensive.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - The Waterlilly escapade

The story of 7 young New Zealanders who sought to escape the gloom of the Great Depression and set sail for another life in the islands.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Harry Moffatt

This week the Anatori Goldfields storekeeper Harry Moffatt.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Karamea

The early purple prospects of what was an important port. Karamea and how it faded to the sleepy lovely town at the end of the road it is today.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Lighthouse Keepers of Kahurangi

This week 2 generations of the Page Family, Lighthouse Keepers of Kahurangi 1916-1958.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Ironworks

The Ironworks of Golden Bay. Now just a fascinating ruin, Gerard explains the grand industrial ambitions of John Haskett.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - James Allen Ward

James Allen Ward VC, who saved his bomber and crew by climbing out on the wing to extinguish a fire in flight over Europe.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Ghost towns

This week the Ghost Towns and failed communities of New Zealand.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - The great tin rush

This week The Tin Rush! In 1888 one man became obsessed with imaginings of great wealth in one of our harshest landscapes, sub-alpine Stewart Island.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh

This week The Lost Tribe of Fiordland. Myth and legend surround the remnant Hawea Tribe who were driven to the most isolated locations, but what is the truth behind these people?


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Mystery of the San Lesmes

The Mystery Stewart Island Spanish Ship? Who may have come to New Zealand from Europe other than those who got to tell their story? Is this a Spanish Caraval? Gerard Hindmarsh regales the mystery of the San Lesmes as investigated by Doug Griffiths.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh

The Flying Crayfishers of Kahurangi. Commuting by plane from Nelson to the western coast every day, fishing and returning with their catch, it was a scheme that would have netted 2 industrious outsiders millions, but it ended in tragedy.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Wheelbarrow derby

This week the Wheelbarrowing Fad. Gordon Lukey and JB Schofield Wheelbarrowed from Auckland to Wellington in 1935 and were welcomed as heroes. Really?


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. Gabriel Read of Gabriel's Gully

A man who suffered from a bang on the head as a kid. He freely spread the world about the goldfield he discovered but had to fight to get the reward.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. VC Reginald Judson

This week outrageous bravery on the Western Front. Reginald Judson was awarded the VC but unlike so many, he lived to tell his story.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. Maori Bomber John Pohe

Our first Maori bomber pilot who became a POW and took part in The Great Escape.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - The Swaggers

Men roamed the country out of necessity and sometimes choice. They were given great charity but sometimes abuse.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Kate Sheppard

Kate Sheppard, the driving force behind the 1893 law giving New Zealand women the right to vote making us the first self-governing country to do so, and make it stick.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmars. The First New Zealanders

This week Gerard discusses an amazing early Maori find and its twin in Tahiti which he has investigated, thus linking the two places with our ultimate outsiders, the very first colonists of New Zealand.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. Freyberg's feats

This week Gen Bernard Freyberg, our ultimate Alpha Male Soldier and his amazing feats of wartime bravery.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - the deadly Waihi Strike

The deadly Waihi Miners' Strike of 1912.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh.

The US Invasion. In 1943 New Zealand experienced the greatest cultural infusion since European settlement. The Yanks came!


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh

Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. The Mangamahu Axe Horror of 1921. A thoroughly nightmarish tale of alcoholic excess and sharp tools.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh

We talk with Gerard Hindmarsh, starting with some near fatal incidents we experienced together and leading onto other waterborne exploits.


Outsider - Minnie Dean

Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. Minnie Dean, our most infamous murderer and the only woman hanged for her crimes in NZ.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. The McArthur Con

The 1935 Swindler, James McArthur set up a bizarre array of bogus businesses, fleeced thousands of small investors and built himself a superyacht.


Outsiders : The Piha Fire Mystery 1939

A ghoulish affair. Human remains are found in the ashes but nothing is quite what it seems. A landmark case for forensics.


Pelorus Jack : Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh

From 1888 to 1912 a rare and strange animal escorted ships in the Marlborough Sounds. The peculiar story of Pelorus Jack.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh

The strange case of Mabel Freer who found herself barred from entering Australia on moral grounds but found a little sanctuary in New Zealand, and it nearly brought down an Australian Government.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Death by Chocolate

A seemingly innocent box of chocolates ends up becoming a bizarre murder mystery in Blackball.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - George Bernard Shaw

In 1934 New Zealand had very few famous visitors so when the world's most famous prickly literary figure George Bernard Shaw toured here it was a sensation, but would he like us?


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - The White Island Tragedy

In 1914 where 10 miners were swept off the island without a trace by a lahar.


Outsiders - Rua Kenana Hepetipa

Māori prophet, Tūhoe lands rights hero and/or cult leader?


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. German War Widow

Wanting to escape Europe a German woman writes to The Nelson Mail and sets off a scramble for her hand in marriage


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. Starkie of WW1

John Stark, the reckless, crazed, perhaps even psychopathically fearless NZ war hero of Gallipoli and The Western Front.


Outsiders : The Lora Gorge Murder Mystery

Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. The Lora Gorge Murder Mystery. In 1892 in a remote area of Southland a man had half his face shot off yet lived long enough to say who killed him, but the murder is still a mystery.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - The Great Nazi Hoax

In 1942 Sydney Ross, a recidivist con-artist pulled off his greatest feat that fooled the highest office in the land.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Lionel Terry

In 1905 white supremacist Lionel Terry walked from Northland to Wellington and randomly shot an old Chinese man dead, then handed himself in to the police.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - The Severed Hand

Gerard Hindmarch and Graeme look into the mystery behind a severed hand found in Taylor's Mistake in 1885.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - The Burgess Gang

This week the brutal murderous spree undertaken by The Burgess Gang from Westport to Nelson in 1866.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh

The Christchurch Firebugs of 1929. From July to December 1929 Christchurch suffered an unprecedented number of fires. Who was responsible?


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - The Fingerprint Case

In 1920 Dennis Gunn murdered the Ponsonby Postmaster and became the first person hanged on fingerprint evidence.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh

Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. One of our greatest outsiders, Ernest Rutherford. He was a titan in a true golden age of physics, and of course our first of 3 Nobel Laureates.


Outsiders With Gerard Hindmarsh. Aviation mysteries

For apparently no reason Maud Farmar leapt to her death from a plane, and what happened to the first trans-Tasman flight of The Aotearoa (pictured)?


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Colin “Uncle Scrim” Scrimgeour

Just ahead of the 1935 general election a strange and disturbing thing happened. Uncle Scrim’s broadcast on 1ZB was jammed. Why? How? Who?


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Death Ray

Victor Penny's Death Ray. In 1935 Victor Penny seemed to have discovered a Death Ray, and the Government secreted him away to work on it. What really happened?


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. Tanner's Ark

A peculiar man and a peculiar event gripped New Zealand in 1906.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Tarawa & Featherston Massacres

Two stories this week , The horrific massacre and beheading of New Zealand soldiers and civilians on Tarawa and the riot and killing of Japanese POWs at Featherston.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - The WW2 Defaulters

Hundreds of soldiers refused to return to the WW2 battlefields, a fact that was strictly guarded by wartime government.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. The Murchison Earthquake

The Murchison Earthquake shocked its surrounding remote communities and some truly bizarre things were witnessed. There was significant loss of life and the Northwest of the South Island was changed forever.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - William Larnach

This week the big life and peculiar death of New Zealand businessman and politician William Larnach, who built the most lavish residence in the country, Larnach Castle on the Otago Peninsula.


Outsiders With Gerard Hidmarsh. Biddy of The Buller

Bridget Goodwin, known as Little Biddy Of the Buller. At 4 foot nothing she was a hard living gold miner of the 1860s and lived "in the nature of marriage" with two male partners.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Clem Randall

Previously untold story of the amazing survival of Clem Randall from the invading Japanese in WWII


The Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Frida du Faur

First woman to assent Mt Cook and a pioneering unconventionalist


The Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - The Banabans

The translocated and still struggling story of the Banaban people.



Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. Norfolk Island and its horrific history as a British penal colony


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Hokonui Moonshiners

Hokonui in Southland has the longest and most infamous history of illegal distillers including the Scottish Matriarch Mary MacRae


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. Stanley Graham

Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. Stanley Graham, who in 1941 on the West Coast “turned” and shot dead 7 people causing the most celebrated manhunt in NZ history.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Elizabeth Parr Campbell Island

The mysterious Elizabeth Parr around whom legends and myths arose. She lived for more than a decade on Campbell Island, primarily by herself and remains the only woman buried on this most remote NZ sub-antarctic island, but who exactly was she and why was she there?


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Murchison Suicide Bomber

This week the little known but outrageous story of Joseph Sewell, New Zealand’s first suicide bomber.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Donald Sutherland

This week Donald Sutherland the first person to call Milford Sound home and did so for decades, after a brief career as a head-hunter!


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh -Dick Moth

This week life-long Communist, Stirrer and tale regaler Dick Moth, from Westland to Golden Bay


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh -Davey Gunn

This week a Davey Gunn, a true hard man who farmed the remote Holyford in Fiordland for years, but he was a complicated individual


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - D'Urville Characters

This week the people who chose the remote Marlborough D’Urville Island for their home. A peculiarly paranoid rose-grower with a thorny reputation, Ernie Flowerday, and a hardy Swede called Charlie Norberg (the big bloke in the boat with the hat).


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Joe Powelka

This week two of our most elusive fugitives, Maori Bill and Joe Powelka, who terrorised Manawatu in the 1910, yet garnered great support from the general public, and his tale’s end is most mysterious... until now.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. Joe Driscol

This week the story of Joe Driscol, an anti-authoritarian and deserter from WW2 who evaded authorities for years by going bush.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Amy Bock

This week the outrageous con artist and compulsive swindler, Amy Bock who impersonating a man even got married.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh-Lake Hauroko

This week spooky Lake Hauroko in the deep south, and a one-armed man who chose to live there. Pictured is Wingy Henderson’s camp.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Arawhata Bill

This week perhaps ur most legendary and celebrated, Arawhata Bill, whose stamina and toughness even in old age is the thing of legend.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Owen "Westy" West & Carl Bjork

This week the elusive Southland legend Owen “Westy” West who lived in a cave on the Fiordland Coast for 10 years after jumping ship and swimming ashore in 1986!


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Punchy Wallace

This week a former boxing champ who went bush on his own in the Kaimanawas and stayed there for 40 years, Punchy Wallace


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh -Charlie Douglas

This week, the last man to fill in gaps in the map of New Zealand, Charlie Douglas. He did it on his own and he liked it that way.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh -Snow Meyer

This week a confounding character. Tall tale teller and Buller Bushman Snow Meyer


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh -Gorge River Family

This week the most remote residential address in New Zealand, The Long family of Gorge River, 2 days trek away from any road in deepest South Westland


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Bruce Reay

This week the anti-authoritarian Bruce Reay, an eeler and possum hunter who has fought, and is still fighting authorities to preserve this vanishing way of life


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh -Ross Webber

This week Ross Webber who lived alone on his own small island in the Marlborough Sounds from 1957 to 2004.


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh -Tom Neale

This week the amazing life of Tom Neale who lived a Robinson Crusoe dream on the remote island of Suwarow for decades


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Keiko Agatsuma The Cavewoman of Stewart Island

This week Gerard regales the strange tale of a Japanese woman who came to New Zealand alone in the 1970s and decided to live in a cave on Stewart Island. Why? The strange story of Keiko Agatsuma


Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh - Gerald Cover, the most remote NZ life ever

This week Gerald Cover who chose to live alone on a mountaintop in the Herbert Range and built an aerial in an attempt to hear God.