Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal

Shipwreck Tales: Edmund Fitzgerald

The story behind the 'Edmund Fitzgerald'- a truly massive freighter that went to the bottom of Lake Superior in 1975 losing all on board.


Shipwreck Tales: Mikhail Lermontov

How did a Kiwi pilot make such a big mistake?


Shipwreck Tales: The Kursk

John McCrystal explores the modern horror story of the Soviet nuclear submarine Kursk.


Shipwreck Tales: The Royal Charter

John McCrystal recounts the 1959 tale of The Royal Charter.


Shipwreck Tales: Sydney Cove

John McCrystal regales the epic survival journey of the castaways from the ship, Sydney Cove.


Shipwreck Tales: Empress Of Ireland

John McCrystal regales the horrors of a true big ship disaster from Canada in 1914, The Empress of Ireland.


Shipwreck Tales: Elingamite

This week John McCrystal tells the tale of a New Zealand tragedy - the wreck of The Elingamite on the Three Kings Islands.


Shipwreck Tales: The Cospatrick

John McCrystal guides us through the hell of The Cospatrick.


Shipwreck Tales, The Wahine with John McCrystal

John McCrystal takes you through the chilling Wahine disaster of April 1968. More than 50 people perished, and the death toll actually rose many years


Shipwreck Tale, The Mary Rose 1545

She went to the bottom in the blink of an eye whilst fighting a French invasion taking 90% of her crew to the bottom and the tragedy was witnessed by King Henry VIII from the shore. Her importance in marine archaeology is immense, giving us a remarkable window into the lives of soldiers, sailors, artisans and ordinary folk of Tudor England. V


Shipwreck Tale, The Karluk 1913.

SHIPWRECK TALE. This week The Karluk 1913. She was gripped, transported and destroyed by pack ice in the Arctic. Another freezing tragedy


Shipwreck Tale. The HMS Birkenhead 1852.

This dreadful tragedy was the genesis of the “Women and Children First” policy and involves some real bravery and sacrifice.


Shipwreck Tale. Alexander Selkirk

the man who was the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe, but the real tale far outstrips the fiction. Pictured is a depiction of Selkirk being rescued after 4 and a half years alone on Juan Fernandez Island, and he’s forgotten how to speak.


Shipwreck Tales - Princess Ashika

Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal. Most will remember the Princess Ashika disaster, for it happened less than four years ago. Travelling from the Tongan capital Nukuʻalofa to Ha'afeva on 5th August 2009, the ferry put out a distress call just before 2300 hours. She sank in the night, 74 people lost their lives.


The Andrea Doria

Shipwreck Tale with John McCrystal. The Andrea Doria. 2 massive liners collide off New York and to this day it remains an unresolved catastrophe.


Shipwreck Tales - The Laconia

Graeme Hill and John McCrystal look at the sinking of the Laconia in 1942. June 2nd, 2013


Shipwreck Tale. The Wilhelm Gustloff.

A German WW2 refugee ship sunk in 1945. The total lost in the sinking is thought to be 9,343, including about 5,000 children making it the largest loss of life in a single sinking in maritime history.


Shipwreck Tale with John McCrystal, The Medusa 1816.

The famous painting by Gericault depicts the appalling state of the survivors of The Raft Of the Medusa as they spot a sail. A tale of inhumanity and selfishness that went unpunished and created scandal and shame in France.


Shipwreck Tale with John McCrystal. The USS Indianapolis of 1945.

A tragedy from the Japanese conflict of WW2 with massive loss of life in the worst shark attack ever known. NOT for the squeamish


Shipwreck Tale with John McCrystal. The Betsey, 1816.

When New Zealand was a wild and truly dangerous place for Europeans, a sealer runs into awful luck and less than a handful survive deprivation and then captivity by Maori.


Shipwreck Tale with John McCrystal, The Ross Sea Party.

It’s often said Shackleton never lost a man during his ill fated Antarctic mission of 1914. His support party at the other side of the continent weren’t so lucky. Pictured between Mt Erebus and Scott’s Hut is the anchor of their ship The Aurora, as it is today.


Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal. Shackleton

Ernest Shackleton and The Endurance. One of the world’s greatest tales of survival against massive odds.


Shipwreck Tale with John McCrystal, The Essex

This week perhaps the most incredible story of all The Essex. It is about 8 tales of bravery and privation in one, and begins with the real life event that inspired Moby Dick.. a huge Sperm Whale rams and sinks the whaler that was hunting it, and that is just the beginning of the story.


Shipwreck Tale with John McCrystal. The Franklin Expedition

The ill fated Franklin Expedition which disappeared trying to find the northern route to the Pacific. Modern forensics have shed new light on what heppenned in 1847. Some known graves pictured.


Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal, The Open Bay Sealers.

In 1810 a group of 10 sealers were taken to Open Bay Island in South Westland, but their ship was lost at sea leaving the men stranded on the island for almost four years


Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal

The Strathmore bound for New Zealand struck a rock off Crozet Island in 1875. 7 months of hell and no fewer than 4 ships passed them by.


Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal, The Mary Celeste

The perennially spooky mystery of The Mary Celeste, or is it spooky at all? John McCrystal takes a forensic maritime look at what probably happened.


Shipwreck Tales - The Mignonette

A disturbing tale of being wrecked at sea with just a few turnips and having to resort to cannibalism. Pictured is the very dinghy in which unimaginable horrors occurred. Presented by John McCrystal.


Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal - Memphis

This week a queer and deadly thing indeed, to this day surrounded in some mystery. The wreck of the US Warship, Memphis in 1916.. SPOOOOKY!


Titanic - Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal.

Often told but told uniquely well by John McCrystal. Heartbreaking bravery and vile cowardice.


Shipwreck Tales. The Wairarapa 1894

John McCrystal regales the wreck of the Wairarapa on Great Barrier Island with massive loss of life and some real heroism.


Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal. The Batavia 1629.

Seriously, this is not for the squeamish. Unarguably this tragedy hits the limits of human desperation, suffering and capacity for evil.


Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal, The Tararua

This week The Tararua, New Zealand’s worst civilian shipping disaster in local waters: a slow-motion disaster.


Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal

The Wreck of the Picton-Wellington ferry the SS Penguin February 12 1909 in the Cook Straight.


Shipwreck Tales HMS Orpheus

John McCrystal describes the worst maritime disaster in NZ history when the Orpheus struck a sandbar at the entry to the Manukau Harbour on February 7, 1863


Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal

This week the wreck and castaways of the General Grant. This infamous ship has attracted treasure hunters for more than a century, but the story of its survivors and victims are the real gold. Pictured here is the desperate mini-ship pleading for help and James Teer in his seal skin suit fashioned during his time on Auckland Island.


Shipwreck, The Invercauld

Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal. This week hear the miserable fate of the crew of The Invercauld, wrecked on Auckland Island 1864. Pictured are the huts that the survivors were living in immediately before rescue.


Shipwreck Tales. The Grafton

John McCrystal delivers documented stories of unimaginable suffering and determination. This week the crew of The Grafton which was wrecked on Auckland Island in 1863.