Shocking advert details an obese man’s unhealthy eating

Drive 20/06/2018

In 2013, Strong4Life released a shocking video that illustrates how life-long eating habits may end up.

Is this the kind of advertising New Zealand should introduce to help combat child obesity?

The problem is growing in New Zealand and the latest annual Healthy Auckland Together monitoring report shows that average weight of a school children in Auckland has risen two kilos in seven years.

Healthy Auckland Together spokesperson Dr Michael Hale told Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen The weight increase is a “significant jump” but wasn’t entirely unexpected.

We’re talking about an issue that has really become a huge deal for health in just one generation.

“It’s keeping up with the overall obesity epidemic that we’ve seen come from a very low level of the population in the early 1980s, to affecting two thirds of adults now,” Mr Hale said.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Michael Hale, and watch the advertisement above.

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