US border patrols denying asylum seekers

Drive 19/06/2018
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A change in policy on the US-Mexican border has seen more than 2000 children separated from their parents.

The Trump administration has changed its border policy to "zero tolerance," meaning that anyone who crosses the border without papers is charged with a crime.

That now includes parents. The Justice Department policy was announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In the past, parents were not charged and put in custody for this very reason.

The change of policy has seen genuine asylum seekers denied entry into the United States. A move that is illegal under UN conventions.

But our government is doing it clearly and notoriously at this moment

Joining Ryan Brdige on RadioLIVE Drive is Jonathan Ryan from the Refugee and Immigrant Centre for Education and Legal Services (RAICES).

Listen to the full interview with Jonathan Ryan above.

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