I'm a farmer's wife - not a farmer, says woman who lives on farm

Drive 17/07/2018
Photo credit: File.

Louise Giltrap lives on a farm in Northland.

She helps out on the farm, can even run the farm while her husband's away for a few days. She milks cows, feeds calves, fixes fences and moves stock around the farm.

But she prefers to be called a farmer’s wife, not a farmer.

Mrs Giltrap argues her husband is much stronger that she is and can do tasks on the farm that she cannot do, therefore she does not consider herself a farmer.

She told RadioLIVE Drive that she was inspired to speak out and write a newspaper opinion piece because she is tired of having to defend herself to so-called feminists.

"All these women get really offended that I won't call myself a farmer," she said. "They say outright that you're a farmer - call yourself a farmer. But I'm not happy with that."

"I just don't feel that comfortable calling myself a farmer, it's that simple," she told RadioLIVE.

Mrs Giltrap believes women can't do everything that men can do, and vice versa.

"Would we survive without the other [gender]? Some would say they could, well good luck to them.

Listen to the full interview with Louise Giltrap above.

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