Kiwi journo David Farrier shows a dark side

Drive 23/07/2018
Credit: Newshub.

The phenomenon of dark tourism is the subject of a new Kiwi-made Netflix series. 

Touching a corpse, diving for cover in a warzone and chatting with Pablo Escobar's most trusted assassin might not be your average holiday.

But for former TV3 reporter David Farrier, who famously explored the competitive world of endurance tickling in the documentary Tickled, it's similar to the odd worlds he's grown accustomed to.

His new series Dark Tourist explores the form of tourism amid a rise in people booking holidays with a dark side - but has been warned there's a fine line between respect and sensationalism. 

The rise in social media could be a factor into why dark tourism has become so popular, Mr Farrier says people don’t want to vacation at a nice beach, they want to go somewhere that something strange or awful has happened.

The series will be available on Netflix, the first time Netflix has commissioned a New Zealand created series.

Mr Farrier says some people push themselves for a thrill; they almost want to see something awful because they are alive and breathing.

Listen to the interview with David Farrier above.

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