New Zealand is anti-free speech - Lauren Southern

Drive 06/07/2018
Lauren Southern with speaking partner Stefan Molyneux

A woman banned from entering the United Kingdom after displaying signs stating “Allah is a gay god” and “Allah is trans” is planning to come to New Zealand.

Far right Canadian speaker, Lauren Southern spoke to Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen on RadioLIVE Drive.

She wants to come to New Zealand with the message claiming we are ‘anti-free speech’.

Ms Southern wants to address all of the problems that affect the Western World, including anti-free speech and mass immigration.

She told RadioLIVE that we don’t think on the bigger scale of 100 years from now.

“If you don’t have a national language, if you don’t have a national culture, what is the point of having a country?”

As far as the cases of feminism and having "transgender 5 year olds" go, Ms Southern says “these are not good things.”

She states these things will ruin your culture and ruin your country.

Listen to the full interview with Lauren Southern above.

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